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Capt John Seckman 

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors  

Surveyor Associate

USCG 1600 ton Master

Yacht and small craft surveys - Boat Inspections

Purchasing a boat?

Hire us to professionally inspect, evaluate and appraise it before you make that purchase.  Located in North Texas.

We specialize in pre-purchase surveys, inspections and appraisals of yachts and boats located anywhere in Texas or Oklahoma including the DFW metroplex, Fort Worth, Dallas, Texoma and Houston Texas. We are qualified to handle all your finance, insurance and pre-purchase surveys and inspections.

 We travel within the entire state of Texas, so don't be afraid to pick up the phone and give us a call for a free quote!  

BOAT - Break Out Another Thousand

It doesn't have to be that way! By hiring Southern Marine Surveying to look at the boat first, we can save you the headache and trouble of purchasing a bad vessel. 

Take a look at the Blog page on this website to get an idea of what we look for when we survey a boat. By hiring me, I will  look at these things, and many more, to help protect you from buying a  potential headache.



Capt. John Seckman is a graduate of the Texas A&M Maritime Academy and former member of the Corps of Cadets. After graduating with a degree in Marine Transportation and a USCG 3rd Mate Unlimited license, he has worked on professional commercial vessels for over 10 years. He now holds a USCG 2nd Mate Unlimited and 1600 ton Master license and is a marine surveyor under the Society of Acrredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) 

Examples of what we look for

Rotten Transom


A rotten transom is no good! This can cost you thousands to repair, and  often times it's not even worth doing if the boat isn't worth it. Hire  me to find this before you buy that boat!

Broken Bilge Pumps


Un-secured bilge pump. What do you think happens when water starts  rising in the bilge and the pump isn't secured? NOTHING GOOD! Hire me to  find these kinds of things before it becomes an emergency. 

Rotten Stringers


Something like this would cost you thousands to repair and can be very hard to detect. By hiring us we find the problem for you, thus giving you the knowledge to make an informed purchase. 

Cracked Hoses


A cracked raw-water hose has the potential to sink your boat. By hiring a surveyor you can avoid a potential disaster.

Thru-Hull Fittings


Thru-hull fittings are one of the most critical components of your vessel, and could potentially sink your boat if not properly maintained and repaired. 

Delaminated Fibrglass


Delaminated fiberglass isn't always as obvious as this, by hiring us to survey your boat we are sure to find any hidden delamination on your boat.