David Welch - Washington

We live in Washington state and found our boat in Texas.  We made an offer contingent on inspection. (Truth be told, I didn't want to get an inspection, but my wife put her foot down.... good job honey!)  

I made contact with John and spoke with him for about 10 minutes and decided to hire Southern Marine Surveying to execute the survey.  I could not be happier now that we have the completed survey.  There was nothing sizable to report, but the peace of mind I have knowing a professional validated what I was told over the phone, makes me sleep much better.

John's report was thorough, well documented, with lots of pictures and recommendations.  John was diamonds to deal with, prompt in responding and completing the survey, getting it done on a weekend so we could have the boat shipped immediately.

I strongly recommend John and Southern Marine Surveying for their professionalism and trustworthy service.  

Thank you,

Dustin Austin - Ft Worth Texas

 Southern Marine is great to deal with, and they’re unmatched! The surveys are very meticulous and well spelled out. John took his time on every detail to protect his customers best interest. This is my second time to use John, and I look forward to the continued relationship! Thanks Southern Marine! 

Paul Ferguson - Houston TX

Very friendly and attentive. Real knowledgeable. Flexible with scheduling and exceeded expectations. Would definitely recommend 

Mark Manny- Dallas Texas

 Highly recommend Sothern Marine Surveying.  Been a boat owner for over 20 years and was very impressed with the in-depth survey John performed. He was very professional and I learned a lot from asking him questions about the boat and all it's systems while he did the survey. 

Bill McCann - Denton Texas

 Professional, very thorough, extremely knowledgeable. John even went above and beyond looking at the things that should be included on a survey by pointing out a number of little things that we should know about.
He even included a bit of, "how to" captain a twin screw yacht, for a newbie like me LOL.
Thank you for the awesome service sir!! 

Richard Danko

John provided an outstanding value for the service he provided.  If you are considering having a survey done on your boat I highly recommend him. 


Renee Wimberly

John just did a survey for us last weekend and he was very professional and thorough. We sincerely appreciated his help. Definitely be sure to get a survey done and use Southern Marine Surveying!

Mark Tucker

John, did a very thorough survey and was in constant contact with me. Highly recommend him! Thanks John! 

Paul Ferguson

Very friendly and attentive. Real knowledgeable. Flexible with scheduling and exceeded expectations. Would definitely recommend 

Clyde Pehl

John traveled 2-3 hours to  survey a boat I was interested in.  Did a very thorough job and was  very insightful.  Helped immensely as I travel 100% with my job and  could not have managed to coordinate my schedule nor do I have near the  knowledge he does.  Great service and I highly recommend when trying to  buy a used boat, so many things can go wrong if not looked at by a  knowledgeable source like John. 

Randy Elmore

If you want the best  marine surveyor around, there is no need to look elsewhere.  I called  John on a Monday and needed someone to look at a boat I wanted to  purchase.  John scheduled me for the following Friday.  I was amazed  with the detail he had in the surveying report.  Hiring Southern Marine  Surveying not only saved me piece and mind for my purchase but also  saved me several thousand dollars when it came down to finalizing a  purchase price due to the fair market value that was reported for the  boat I was purchasing in the surveying report.  This company is awesome  and you will not regret using them.  A+ service!!!!!! 

Jason Siebert

John was quick and surveyed boat with a 24 hour notice. Pictures and report were good as well